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It’s tough to stay motivated to pack and eat a healthy lunch. However, when you eat lunch out you’re often faced with large portions and fattening sides like french fries. When you pack your own lunch, you control your portions and choose healthy ingredients. But, let’s face it, packing a lunch every day can get boring. And, when you’re rushing to get out the door, the last thing you want to do is think about packing your lunch.

Make packing easy. Following are some tips to make packing and eating your homemade lunch more enjoyable:

Invest in some great food storage containers. Consider containers with divided sections so you can pack your lunch in one easy-to-carry, use and clean container.

Make extra. When you make dinner, why not make just a little extra, then right after dinner pack your leftovers in lunch sized portions for grab and go lunches during the week.

Prepare ahead mix and match. Grill a bunch of chicken on the weekend. Buy some canned fish. Make a big batch of quinoa, farro or rice and beans, cut up fresh fruits and vegetables. Then split your large batches into lunch sized portions. Throughout the week mix and match a protein, grain, fruit and vegetable for your lunch.

By packing your lunch you’ll save money, save on extra fats, sugars and calories you don’t need and feel a lot healthier.

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